Thursday, 8 September 2016

Paper making.... Step two.

Today was step two of our paper making process.  We had our pulp all ready to go, so it was time to create baby paper!  Firstly we all went outside as it can get a bit wet making paper, then we looked at the pulp and had another feel.  We put together the special paper making frame and dunked it into the pulp.  When we pulled it out again all the pulp had gathered inside the frame, golly it was starting to look a bit like paper.

We carefully lifted off the top frame and layed the paper on to the drying board.  Then we used our cloth to gently sponge out some of the water.

Next it was time to lift off the netting and revel our brand new recycled baby paper. 

Wow what amazing care takers of the world we are, just look at all the paper we made!

We will leave it to dry tonight and then tomorrow we are going to use the paper to create very special and beautiful art work.

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