Monday, 12 September 2016

Investigating the drains...

Today the tamariki were very curious about the drains. They noticed there were some small objects such as lids and Lego siting at the bottom. This was a chance to try some problem solving. 

We discovered that the end of the drain popped out and this was a good place to pour and scoop water. Then the hose came out and we explored how the force of the water could move objects along the drain. He pai koe ki te whakaaro pēna. That’s good thinking. Lots of perseverance was required to move things along under the grating. 

Tamariki practiced turn taking and managing their impulsivity as there was only enough room for one scoop at a time in the open part of the drain.

With the weather becoming warmer, more water play like this will encourage the tamariki to explore more water based problem solving activities. 

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