Thursday, 2 June 2016


There was a crowd in the sandpit! The children were crouched around in a circle and then they all stood up and stepped back. 
It was a very bubbly, bright red volcano! 

The wonderment and awe was verbally expressed. Digby and Leo responded with their responsibility hats on and dug some sand with their spades to put it out. The others shouted for them to stop and they did. Ivor explained, "It's a volcano! That's the lava!"
Chun (student on placement at the Kindergarten) passed the bottle of vinegar to Leo and suggested to pour a little more vinegar into the bubbly mixture. Leo tipped it up until the bottle was empty and they all drew closer to see the volcano react again. 
The children anticipated a reaction and were not disappointed as it continued to bubble over the top and track down the slope. 
"Lava is hot and it shoots things in the air!" I heard someone say and reflects how a favorite activity can  reflect what children know and share through open communication. Tino pai rawa atu, excellent! 

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