Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Exploring risk taking and spatial awareness

Over the last few days the children have been taking on the challenge of creating and experimenting with their own obstacle course.  The steps have been pulled over to the wave shape and the other foam shapes added in also, then the tunnel was included too.  Lots of fabulous negotiating, persisting and collaborative communication to create a shared vision of an amazing obstacle course which involved lots of risk taking and spatial awareness.

The tamariki lined up and really had no hesitation at taking the risk of jumping off the steps, even though it wasn't exactly clear where they would land.  This takes courage and the ability to trust your instincts.  Their faces showed such joy as they jumped into space then landed on the wave shape.  What a fantastic way to explore the feeling of moving through space!

What a lot of fabulous learning was occurring during this fun activity.  Active movement involves learning to move and control your body with competence.  Whilst having fun with movement the children were trying things out and taking a risk, making decisions about what they wanted to achieve and deciding how they could achieve those goals.  The children challenged themselves in a way in which they needed to be aware of their whole body, this takes co-ordination and perseverance skills.    So many great interactions, communication  and humour involved today as the children shared with each other what you were doing and how it made them feel. All of your faces were full of such joy and wonderment as you jumped into space.  Ka pai jumping off the steps takes courage and the ability to co-ordinate all of the muscles needed for you to jump - no mean feat!


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