Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Exploring Music

 The teaching team and the tamariki are busy exploring music. We are persevering with developing new knowledge and we are becoming experts at the ukulele! Ka nui ake to matauranga ko, your knowledge increases.

This is an opportunity to practice manaakitanga/ care and respect as we look after these precious instruments. These are the ways we are looking after the ukuleles: We use them alongside a teacher and the tamariki are learning how to hold and strum them. We are mindful not to turn the keys or pull the strings. We have a special place above the kitchen to hang them and the tamariki are learning that this is where they belong or to give them to a friend to play when thay have finished.  

We are learning chords to our favourite songs including the New Zealand National Anthem and You are my Sunshine. We are even composing our own music including Digby's Song about Purple. 
Since purchasing the ukulele, several families have come forward and have also shared their knowledge and music with us. We value your input as this supports wānanga/ respectful partnerships. 

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