Thursday, 24 March 2016

Working together to make hot cross buns

It is nearly Easter time and every morning we can smell the sweet smell of hot cross buns baking at the supermarket.  So today we decided to bake our own buns to eat and share together.  We gathered together and Heather shared her knowledge around what we needed to do to create our own hot cross buns.  We mixed and measured all of the different ingredients striving for accuracy to ensure our measurements were correct for the recipe.

Sometimes it was hard to wait for a turn be we managed our impulsivity and worked together all giving it a go.  There was lots of different ingredients to put in and then we rolled the dough up into balls just like we would with the play dough and left them in a warm place to rise.

After a while they were ready for the next step, we added the crosses and put them in the oven to bake.  Wow the smell was delicious just like the smell from the supermarket but this time we had created the smell and we were going to taste them too.

Gosh the hot cross buns took quite a long time to prepare and there was lots of different steps for us to go through, but by working together and collaborating our ideas and skills we made and shared a very special Easter treat!

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