Thursday, 24 March 2016

Our Wall of Wonder

Over the last week the investiagtors group (our oldest 10 children) have been creating a 'Wall of Wonder' around our current focus of zebras.  We discussed what we already knew about zebras, then put on our thinking faces and did some deep thinking about what we would like to know by posing questions and putting them up on our 'Wall of Wonder'.  Then it was research time as we explored finding the answers to our questions.  We really extended our ideas and knowledge around zebras and learnt some interesting facts.  Of great interest was why do zebras have stripes? Well we discovered that zebras use stripes to camouflage themselves from danger and that under their stripes they have black skin. 
Another of the questions posed was why do zebras have tails? For this question we did some digging into our own knowledge of the natural world.  We thought about why other animals that we knew more about have tails like horses and cows and remembered that they used their tails for flicking away flies and bugs.  So by applying our previous knowledge and making connections to zebras we were able to understand that a zebras tail did the same thing so that was why they needed a tail.  
It was great to research answers to our questions through books and the Internet but it was also amazing to be able to explore our own knowledge and apply it to a new learning situation.

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