Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Face painting at kindergarten.

Today after some children exploring putting 'art' paint on their faces we decided it was a great opportunity to get out some face paints for the children to explore. 
Four colours were chosen and put out in little pottles with cotton buds and different types of mirrors. 
It wasn't long before there was a group of children trying their skills at painting their own faces, their was a lot of concentration and managing their impulsivity as they painted while remembering the only guideline to painting their face which was to keep the paint off their lips as it wasn't good to get it inside their mouth.

As the children explored painting their faces we heard lots of laughter, joy and fun being had. For some children the painting initiated the exploration of dramatic play after painting their faces and for others they were just enjoying the creative process of the painting on their own bodies. 
This is very creative ,he tino auaha tēnei.
While having fun, being creative with the cotton buds and face paint the children were strengthening and developing their fine motor skills and pincer grip which is also used when writing. Tu meke, fantastic.

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