Thursday, 21 May 2015

Baking at kindergarten.

This week after some of the morning children collecting some of Brownie and Silkies eggs, we thought it would be a good idea to do some baking and use up some of the eggs. Pancakes was the choice of the day. When Sandra was ready I went out and said to the children outside, we are going to make pancakes inside if anybody would like to help. 

Inside we took responsibility for making sure everyone had nice clean hands, and then it was time to get out the ingredients to bake. The children took turns measuring out the flour, milk, sugar and cracking the eggs into the bowl, and then mixing them all together to make the pancake batter. 

Next we explored what would happen when Sandra turned on the electric fry pan, straight away the children shared "it will get hot" Tino pai rawa atu, excellent. The children then talked about safety around hot things and spent a period of time watching the pancakes cooked.

It was now time to cut the pancakes and put some jam on them, we worked really hard at managing our impulsivity and not eating the pancakes after we put jam on them as we decided we would share them round with all our friends at lunch time. They were delicious too. 

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