Thursday, 19 March 2015

Learning about new things.

Today the children were lucky enough to have something exciting to explore at kotahitanga, Angus had something that "Lives in water"
Angus explained to the children giving them some clues so that they could problem solve and see if they could guess what it might be. 

"It's slippery, and it hides under water" Angus shared, it wasn't long before the children were putting their hand up to have a turn at sharing their ideas. 

Angus decided to give some more clues, "It lives in rivers to breed and then it goes out to sea" 

Pippa shared "A shark, a baby one" Mason wondered if it was a star fish.

Aria managed her impulsivity, keeping her idea until she was asked to share and quickly shared "A Crayfish" then Archie asked "Is it a baby stingray" 

We were having trouble guessing so we decided to get another clue from Angus. He happily shared "They slide over paddocks, have no legs and have no scales" this really got the children thinking.

Zack shared "A snake" but no it was t a snake, it was long and thin like a snake but not a snake

It wasn't long before Ben excitedly put his hand up and asked "Is it and Eel" 

What fantastic problem solving by the children. We are problem solvers,ngā tamariki kaipororaru whakatika. After working out what was in the bucket Angus' Mum took the bucket round the circle so all the children could take a look at what an eel looks like and we all learnt something new from a question James asked. 
As the bucket went passed James noticed the Eel was not moving much "Is it sleeping?" He questioned. We then found out that yes it was because eels come out at night and sleep through the day!  

What a great way to explore something new through getting given clues and allowing up the children to guess what it might be. 

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