Monday, 23 March 2015

Bees at Work!

What was under the blue blanket? We couldn't see, hear or smell anything! Lifting the blanket we were  amazed and looked with wonderment to see a lot of bees!

Gavin (Ruby's Dad) generously came to visit at the end of the morning with one of his hobbies from home.  He replicated a beehive to make it really visible to see the bees at work.

There was lots of movement and Gavin explained there is only one Queen Bee. After lots of searching for the largest bee it was spotted near the bottom and laying its eggs in the vacant comb holes.

Another fact we heard was that the bees drag the dead ones from the comb and drop them down to the bottom. 
But what was most fascinating was seeing the yellow filled combs that was the honey,  the yummy honey!  
We are respectful, we listen, we learn.  
He rōpū manaaki, he rōpū whakarongo, he rōpū ako mātou. 

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