Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Finding bugs leads to exploring compost

After some interest in bugs, we decided to bring some of the compost out of our compost heap inside for the children to explore a little further. 
After taking precautions by putting gloves on curiosity set in and the children explored the compost excitedly finding worm and other bugs. Once they had finished with the compost inside we decided to put it back in our compost heap. 

As an extension to the children's learning we talked about adding more things to the compost heap to help the process so soon our compost would be ready for our gardens. 

The children took responsibility for adding the contents of our green bin as well as some saw dust to the top of the heap, managing their impulsivity as their friends had a turn, taking care so that the saw dust didn't blow into other people's faces. 

We will return to our compost in the next few days to turn it over and start a new heap ready to work its magic.

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