Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Which way on the slide?

This morning a group of children were having trouble deciding which way to go on the slide, up or down? Some children shared "Lets go down" while their friends quickly replied "No Climb up."

After some negotiating and problem solving we decided that if we were careful we could climb up one side and slide down the other at the same time, but how could we remember what side was what? 

Luckily, this had been explored the week before and I and put some masking tap in my bag to use on the slide. So we decided creating arrows on the slide would help us remember and also show manaakitanga/ care and respect for the other children around us. So we worked together to create an arrow first we made a "rectangle" and then joined a "triangle" onto that so that it makes and "pointed shape" Emma shared as we talked about creating an arrow. 

The play then continued with the children exploring what the arrows ment, and sharing their knowledge with the other children around them. They often applied past knowledge of what happened when they had early slid down the slide when a friend was climbing up sharing "We crashed." 

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