Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Campsite!

Today a group of children were enjoying exploring out the back (our natural play area) when they came across the camp fire that a group of children had created a couple of weeks ago. 

Jack, shared with us..... "I really need to make a campsite"

Hmmmmm so we wondered how we could do this?

Some resources were gathered and a tarp and some bungee cords were used to create a tent/roof/campsite. Problem solving was required as everyone worked together to get the roof up and the best way agle the bungee cords so it would stay up.  Surprisingly it was quite an easy task to get the roof to stay up and it was now time to enjoyed the new campsite.

"We need the seats underneath the roof" Jack said.

So with some more team work and perseverance stumps were moved under the roof and planks placed onto to make some seating reading for toasting marshmallows.

As the morning went by groups of children came and went from the campsit where singing and playing the ukuleles around the campfire was enjoyed!

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