Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Taking responsible risks.

Our children have come back from their term break ready to start taking new and exciting risks here at kindergarten and today they have been doing just that. 
Some of the children have been challenging themselves on the bikes going slowly up one side of the ramp and carefully waiting for the ramp to tip up to ride down the other side. 

Others have been testing out their climbing and jumping skills, using the blue box and cylinder that have been set up differently since the start of the term. Some children have chosen to jump from the cylinder while others have jumped from the blue box, over top of the cylinder down onto the mat. 
Āe mārika, How about that!

 Our kindergarten built ladder has been found in some intesting places as the children take a risk to see if they can climb up and attached the bunny cords around the post.

Taking responsible risks is a Habit of Mind we often encourage here at Kindergarten and our children have been using this habit in all areas of their play.

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