Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Mahi tahi, working together in play.

This week at kindergarten we have had wet cold days, so we have noticed a lot more children inside, constructing great masterpieces in different areas. As we have worked alongside them we have noticed a lot of children working together to achieve a common goal. They all spent time persevering with difficulty as they worked out how their friends could join in their play or until their towers were really tall and they had achieved the goal they set themselves. We work together for maximum impact, Ka mahi ngātahi mo te tukinga nui tonu.

Manaakitanga/ care and respect was evident in all the different activities as children made sure their friends were included and they listened as each other clearly articulated their ideas. Finding humour has been evident in all areas as the children laugh and play together. What a great week we have had so far.

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