Friday, 12 February 2016

Problem solving at kindergarten.

This afternoon as the children began finding different coloured materials to add to a collage project they had started they discovered another creative way to use the large pieces of material.
Kindergarten become a design class, creating magnificent new style clothing. 
As the children worked interdependently to make head bands, skirts and other clothing items they had to problem solve how to make them stay together.
An idea to use cello tape was quickly changed as it didn't stick to the material so they decided to try a stapler, this worked effectively but some children continued to problem solve and tied their material around their waist which also worked just how they wished. This is very creative ,he tino auaha tēnei

It wasn't long before some of the teachers also had new headpieces to wear fitted perfectly to their heads. As the children created different garments for themselves and each other they showed manaakitanga/care and respect listening to each other's ideas. This is great, he rawe tēnā!

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