Friday, 4 December 2015

Celebrating Helen and our Kindergarten Library

This week we celebrated Helen's contribution at Kindergarten with the Library she organises  every Thursday. We are so lucky to have Helen coming in each week and supporting our children in choosing a book to take home and read. This not only supports their early literacy skills but builds on those important links between home and Kindergarten. Children learn about manaakitanga/ care and respect as they look after their kindergarten book carefully at home and then be responsible for returning it on time, ready to choose a new one.
 Helen has been running the Library for over 7 years! Āe mārika! How about that! Over that time she has built wonderful relationships with the children and their families. Helen gets to know children's particular interests and then helps them find a book that might further extend their thinking and imagination. So thank you Helen! She is a very important part of Kindergarten life.

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