Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sandpit Play

This morning a group of children were involved in play in the sandpit over a long period of time. Together a group of boys begun by making streams that went around the area of the sandpit, working together to create the depth of the streams before filling them with water.
Naturally others became interested in the play that was happening and starting to drive their vehicles alongside or through the stream. There was clearly a lot of manaakitanga/care and respect evident as the group who origionally made the streams suggested that they make some bridges to allow their peers to drive their vehicles over the stream! He pai koe ki te whakaaro pena - Thats good thinking. 

As we observed the group of children enjoying play with the stream Mitchell sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat while pushing a small piece of wood along the water. While Tom used a shell that he let go and sunk so he shared with us all that it was a "sinking shell boat". 
We know that children don't always need toys to influence or enhance their play. Just as we saw today imagination can be used when using natural resources in play, often using them in flexible ways to suit  ideas of play at the time. 

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