Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Water play on a hot day.

Today when we arrived at kindergarten the sun was shinning so we decided to to put the water trough out and also a trough of water beside the sandpit. It was exciting to see the water being used in such different ways. 

In the water trough the children used their fine motor skills to persevere and catch ping pong balls in the special scissor sets. this was a difficult activity to master for some as the ping pong balls floated away in the water.

When they began exploring water in the sandpit they had to use their large motor skill, digging big holes to make puddles and lakes, exploring the different ideas of how to get water from one hole to the next "its like a river" one of the children excitedly said as his water overflowed from one to the other.  
I like that, he pai tena ki ahau.

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