Thursday, 10 September 2015

Dancing to the Beat!

Ruby, Molly and Emma created  their own dance routine today. They stepped in time to "Moving to the Beat!" while doing the appropriate action like clapping and stamping their feet. Additionally, the bodies swerved from side to side as the chairs were circled. 
The chairs were sat upon when waiting for the next song! 

Dancing plays a big part of our day at Kindergarten as children show their creativity through movement. The girls were together as a small dance group but were independently making up their own moves. For example, when the action was roll your hands,  Molly rolled them in front of her, Emma waved  her arms high in the air and Ruby continued to clap in time to the beat of the music. This is the Habit of Mind called working interdependently -  mahi tahi! 
The happy faces suggested how movement and music will remain a daily activity in our learning programme!

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