Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Mahi Tahi/ Working together.

This afternoon the sandpit was a hive of activity as the children explored how to get the pipes sticking out of the ground without holding onto them. They perservered with difficulty as they tried pushing the pipes into the ground, but "uh oh" it fell over. With some encouragement the children Mahi Tahi/ worked together putting the pipe into a hole and then tried mounding sand up around the pipe to hold it there. 
We were all very excited when we were successful and the pipe stayed in place. You have worked hard, kua mahi kaha.

Once the excitement was heard more children joined the group to help place more pipes in the sandpit, but oh no there is a problem, a digger has been put down the pipe, so again the problem solving began. 

The children perservered trying to find ways of getting the digger out. They tried one by one putting their arm in the pipe to see if someone could reach, but no ones arm was long enough, then it was suggested that they could look down the pipe to see how far down the digger was "its to dark" shared some of the children. 

The problem solving continued for some time until the children realised the pipe could be pulled out of the sand and the digger would be waiting, this then became a chance for the children to use their humour as they anticipated when one of them would take the pipe out to expose the digger. 

We work together for maximum impact, Ka mahi ngātahi mo te tukinga nui tonu.


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