Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cheeky Silkie!

Silkie appears to be quite knowing when food is about!   Emma and Molly were having their morning tea and Silkie walked right up to them and a little wave of the hands to choo her away was ignored. In fact Silkie was quite cheeky as she ducked under the seat and waited for the little morsels of food came her way. 

The girls squealed with delight when Silkie hopped up on the seat trying her luck further but found that everyone closed their lunch boxes, "SIlkie is not eating my food!" exclaimed Molly. 

We  have found that Silkie is quite persistance when she discovers food in the kindergarten.  She has even visited inside much to everyone's wonderment and awe and she finds many ways to stick around like getting under the table! 
Kātahi nā te heihei mōhio, ko koe
What a clever hen you are!

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