Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Whanaungatanga/Relationships in Play

We have had an exciting start to Term 3! One of the highlights of coming back to kindergarten for the children is getting to see their friends again! Whanaungatnga/relationships are important to us at Geraldine Kindergarten and this was definately reflected in the parallel and co-operative play in our afternoon session today. 

The pictures alongside this post show children in different types of play together, concentrating alongside each other as they began climbing over our bridge and finding humour as they experimented with the magnets in the carpentry area. The swings are used each day at kindergarten and children enjoy showing manaakitang/care and respect by pushing each other, a great way to be actively involved - Poia te waka, mahia te mahi. The great part about developing relationships is what we learn from one another, by watching we can pick up different techniques to apply in our problem solving in play, just like Leo and Digby were doing today when using our new hammer kits! Relationships support our learning in so many ways. 

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