Thursday, 11 June 2015

Trucks Support Developing Relationships

Children who attend both our morning and afternoon sessions enjoy using the yellow dump trucks. Used in lots of different areas in the kindergarten, including the sandpit, the concrete track, and in the stones for a variety of purposes. Toia te waka – mahia te mahi - Be actively involved. This includes carrying other play equipment like hammers, wood, plastic animals,mballs, paper and pens to different areas of the kindergarten where they are needed .

One of the most significant roles the trucks play is supporting the developing relationships of children. Malachi, Thomas and Braxton enjoyed play in the sandpit alongside each other this afternoon before setting off around the path in a 'race'. Lots of eye contact was being used with smiles as they would stop and look at each other before pushing the trucks around the track again. These boys haven't been at kindergarten for long so teachers ensure that they introduce the boys to one another and use each of the children's names to support them in getting to know one another better.

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