Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Going hunting with Maui!

The  legend of Maui have been very popular with the children! Maui is known to have gone fishing with his brothers and Archie linked his own adventure of being Chief Tarahaoa going hunting for food.  He said,  "I really like this story!  Maui has a hook!" Archie had the rope, the stick and the book!
As we read  the story Archie identidfied the sting ray shape that Maui had hooked up and his brothers chopped up to form the valleys and hills of the Te ika te Maui  - North Island.

Reading together, Archie and Charlotte, act out their understanding of the legend; one with a stick, one with a rope!  (Links to another story  we shared  called 'The Spooky Tree). They were able to transfer the props from one story to another!  

It has been inspirational to observe the children of Geraldine Kindergarten return to things we have  done together as a team. Drawing upon past experiences supports children to  make their own theories of the world and helping to explain 'what is their world?"
(Links with our current group story for Term 2).

To support children top apply new knowledge we  could ask, "Where else could you apply this...?",  "What would it be like if...?"

Ka nui ake to matauranga
Your knowledge increases

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