Tuesday, 23 June 2015

An Abundance of Eggs!

Brownie and Silkie have been very busy laying lots of eggs and before we knew it we had around 25 sitting in the egg basket. What to make? Scrambled eggs was the order of the day as we had been discussing different ideas for breakfast with our up coming Pyjama Party Breakfast.
Louise worked alongside the tamariki to crack and whisk the eggs. But how to know if all those eggs were fresh? Sandra explained that we could try putting them in a bowl of water. If an egg sinks, it's fresh. If it floats, it could be rotten. So some experimenting and problem solving occurred as we placed eggs carefully into a bowl of water. Lucky there were only two floaters that went to the compost bin!

Then we turned on the electric fry pan. We had to do some more problem solving as the cord was far too short to reach the kitchen. "You need another one of those things," suggested Pippa, pointing to the cord. "There's a long white one somewhere," remembered Wilbur. So we used an extension cord to connect the fry pan to the socket in the kitchen. That’s good thinking. He pai koe ki te whakaaro pena.

Sandra scrambled up the eggs while the tamariki managed their impulsivity around the hot pan. Then we enjoyed the eggs in some fresh white bread for morning tea. What a treat! Tino pai. Great stuff.

There are still some eggs left and we are sure to get more from our busy hens....pancakes next? 

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