Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Building Progress

This morning some children had noticed the building had arrived at kindergarten to continue work on the 'new room' out the back. Several children stood about watching the actions of the builders in excitment, anticipating what was going to happen next. There were lots of conversations happening about exactly what the builders were doing and everyone was keen to share their own idess snd theories about exactly what they thought was happening. Tu meke - Fantastic. There were also lots of links being made as children shared their own persoanl connections with the builders, reAffirming the importance of whanaungatanga/relationships here at Gerldine Kindergarten. 

"Thats my uncle ____" Shared Macy
"I know him because he goes to my Dad's work to get wood" Angus added.

Angus began to build inside alongside what he saw the builders doing outside. Placing blocks on the ground in very symmetrical ways, sharing that he was building a bridge. The work that is going on outside out double doors is definately being reflected in children's play and we cannot wait to see what influence it has as the building process continues.

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