Monday, 23 February 2015

Painting the 'Toy Library'!

What was happening here?

Paris arrived with her Mum who was going to do a very important job in the community -  paint the Toy Library building they have just purchased.
Not to be out done! Tracey suggested to Paris that they do their own community painting. Paris was grinning with excitement and once underway the 'girl team' (Pippa suggested that  is what they should call themselves) came together to paint their 'Toy Library'!   Kei te pai mo to tahi mahi nga kotira! 

The work they did will be rewarded by taking the 'Toy Library' painting down to the real Toy Library and place it on the wall  reflecting the replication and transferring of what happens in the community happens right here at Geraldine Kindergarten; building great relationships/whanaungatanga in the kindergarten, community and beyond!

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