Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Planning for our fairy grotto for arts and plants.

Today, we spent some time using our creativity to build and shape some small creatures to go into our fairy grotto garden that we started part way through last term, planting snow peas ready to grow up our frame.

Some of the children were interested in the process from the beginning helping Heather to make the Salt Dough that we were going to use to create our creatures. 

This part of the activity involved a lot of counting, how much ingredients and lots of PERSERVERING with difficulty to knead the dough till it was ready to use. 

After patiently waiting for the salt dough to be ready to use we transfered it outside and began working interdependently to create lots of snails, butterflies, worms and other creatures to put in our fairy grotto.

The children clearly articulated to each other what they were planning to make and then created their creatures.
This is very creative ,he tino auaha tÄ“nei 

From here we plan to paint the salt dough when it is dry and then decorate our fairy grotto ready for the Arts and Plants Festival.

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