Thursday, 19 September 2013

Relationship Building

Recently in our afternoon session a group of children have been initiating and remaining involved in imaginative fire play. This came about after our practice fire drill, and have had feedback from parents that this type of play is being further explored at home.
Angus arrives at Kindergarten each afternoon, finds a high vis vest and a hard hat. Eli arrives each afternoon and finds a hard hat, and today Angus decided that we needed to find a vest for Eli so that they could be fire fighters together. 
"We're fire fighters, cause we've got a hose and hats" Angus shared while working with Eli to squirt the hose. 

Later Angus came inside and said to me "That's my friend over there...." pointing to Eli.

It is so warming to see as children spend more time here at Kindergarten, become comfortable with the environment, routines and the other children here they start to make connections. Angus and Eli have a similar routine when they arrive each afternoon, finding their hats and vests to wear. It has become obvious that this shared interest has allowed them to connect, begin to interact and play together. 
We cannot wait to see how this friendship continues to develop and in what direction they will take their imaginative play around fire. 

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