Thursday, 12 September 2013

Go Grease lightening Jump Jam


Since we have taken the children to the Music and Arts Festival at the primary school the children have been asking to do go grease lightening for jump jam!

Finally yesterday we found the video of the primary school children doing their jump jam on utube!

So today’s jump jam was GREASE!

Take a look at the children enjoying the song and joining in!


  1. Logan seemed quite interested in this and on Friday afternoon I suggested that we could find the You-Tube clip and watch the primary children doing the 'lightening' dance.

    We watched it over and over. Logan mentioned more than once that there was only one boy and he won the 'prize' at the end.

    Then Logan and Violet both started jiggling round on my knee as we all watched it together. Soon Logan was telling Violet what to do with her arms and they were both trying out the arm actions.

    After several more viewings both children were down on the floor dancing their hearts out. Logan said "but I can't do the wiggle, its difficult .." but they danced on and showed Daddy when he got home!

    Quite a hit!

  2. Thanks for you wonderful comment Janene. It is wonderful to know that children are taking what they learn here at Kindergarten and sharing it at home with their families.