Thursday, 22 August 2013

Rules of the Sandpit - Something to ponder!

Today I asked the children to talk to me about what rules we wanted in the sandpit - the theory behind asking the children is assuming when they make them they will follow them. I was surprised with a rule that Mitchell came up with. He had spotted a cup that I was drinking from. He said, "No coffee cups in the sandpit!" I was caught out! Caught out because the children who contributed to the list of rules signed their name on the document. Mitchell wanted me to write his but as I was about to, he changed his mind, came over to explain how to write his 'M' and then decided to write it himself. I expressed my gratitude and acknowledged how well he wrote his name and he responded immediately, "Your welcome!" Children are capable and competent to take and be responsible and now its my responsibilty to not take a drink into the sandpit area so the children know that there rules are abided by. (This could be rather challenging but in following their ideas I actually get to know how challenging it is for them when we tell them what to do.)

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