Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kaitiaki Recognised in Play

At out end of session mat time, our kaitiaki were recognised and congratulated on their wonderful efforts.
Most of these children were part of a large group in the sandpit. Every child completely immersed in their own play, while respecting the work of others alongside them - especially when all alongside each other in such a small space. Everyone was mindful of where they were putting resources they were using, while ensuring that they were moving carefully in the tight space so that others work was not damaged. Joe was digging a big hole, and I heard him say that he wanted to dig it "deeper and deeper". With support and encouragement from others around him he was able to achieve his goal! Tracey acknowledged the respectful work that everyone was engaged in this morning and congratulated them on being a kaitiaki – with one of our kaitiaki medals of course. Āe mārika - How about that!

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