Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Firefighters to the Rescue!

We heard a siren in the town! Abigail asked, "Why is it so loud?" Jed and Harvey said it has to be loud and raced off to the garage and returned with hard hats on. "We have to get the fire out!" (Abigail ran shouting wee-ooo all the way to the fire!) It was amazing to watch the children being so engaged in their play pretending to be the fire fighters. They said they had to rescue the baby trapped upstairs. After bringing the baby down they used the hoses to put out the fire. Jed came over and told me the fire was out and explained that he was Fireman Sam and that is what he does. However, we had a problem because Harvey wanted to be Fireman Sam too. Could we have 2 Fireman Sam's? Not on your nelly! Sandra told me today that they decided to take turns. So its great that we will always have a Fireman Sam! The children initiated the play and the play is supporting their understanding of fire and safety for themselves. It helps us to work with them when we practice our own fire safety procedures and follow a plan to keep us safe if the loud alarm activates. Do you have a plan at home? I wonder if a waka tinei ahi (fire engine) will visit the Kindergarten sometime?

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